To Ms. Lilani Rittles The Sweetest Southern Girl.


It’s not so often that heavens get to release one of their most precious angles down to Earth and when they do it is figuratively worth writing home about it. This is about the sweetest Southern Girl by the name Lilani Rittles. A quick backstory of how we met you if you found yourself  wondering. Well in 2016 I snapped and packed my bags and abandoned the soil, I wanted to collect memories that would make my twenties not like the regular twenties I was surrounded by.  The decision was not hard being the nomad I have always been I tossed the coin and it was strictly down to  Dubai and South Korean.


Little did I know in that sour “year of rejection” my toughest rejection was yet to come. All of my applications came with the classic “We regret to inform you bullshit….” which had become my  daily bread for the year 2016.  I remember sitting back and thinking God are you even out there that was like my 900th storm this year?.  I wiped my fake tears and decided to look elsewhere and China kept showing up as one of the places you should consider in order to experience life abroad while trying to get your money right. I had already lost my greatest dream of all time which involved  raising funding for masters degrees I was accepted into at a school I still get chest pains and teary eyed mentioning . Fast forward to the end of August I got the email that changed my life and re-arranged my naive dreams and set destiny deadlines that I had unhealthily begun to think I  had control over.

I packed my bags and the decision was not harder that choosing what food to order on The Bund . The only fear and prayer I made was “Dear God if this is not real I pray that you may take my life before they traffic me and turn me into a sex slave”. The toughest thing about being a nomad is having to prepare your mind for a sour alternative, no one ever wishes for such but your mind wonders off before bed time.  Just so suddenly I moved and had put the wave of 2016 behind me but little did I know adjusting and making friends would be the hardest task handed to me. The one mistake I made in my early twenties was walking around calling everyone my friend and assuming being “loved” by everyone was even a thing.  An encounter not worth writing about turn that fairytale around for me. I was picky and ready to stand alone which I did after hearing my name dragged down the mud in a new town full of people who had no idea how to even pronounce my last name but totally made a mis judgements about how I carried myself. This was Shanghai and it reminded me of an episode of Love and Hip Hop or one of these Hollywood Housewives Series.


That was definitely not what I had imagined it would be like to move to China , I was submerged in a pool filled with  vicious twenty something year olds who thought it was normal to tell me about their “friends’ ” flaws before I even got to meet them during our fake dinner parties. I knew I had to stand alone instantly. It was bold enough of me to  abandon my own home, I was making sure I was not collecting yet another bag filled with rotten potatoes like I had done before. I knew just one good potato was enough for me to make my favourite meal which is “french fries”.  I remember praying to meet a good kind soul and 3 months in, my Chinese friend was with an Angel and I had called him. He was my only true friend and I remember him saying “Talk to her she’s really nice”. I refused and said “No no no I’ll see her at work I was just calling to” …….And before I knew it she had snatched the phone out of his hand when she heard I was also South African. We had begun  speaking in code immediately  and her first question to me was “Is it me or the places here are dodge?” When I heard those words come out of her  I knew she would be my type I already had undying hate for my own apartment so I gave her a lecture on what not to settle on. Before we knew it I had taken up too much their time. We clicked instantly and exchanged We Chats and the rest has been history.


Here is why she is the sweetest Southern Girl she is so secure in her life that all that had to come out of her mouth is positive and uplifting. She makes me laugh out loud and she listens attentively when I speak and hears my outcries. She makes me feel like the funniest person alive. She is the first person I call for help and she picks up and she has been with me like no ever has in this nobody town. She is one of the few people I’ve met here who don’t have to lie about her background she is honest and oozes class and this I blame her mom and dad who raised her to be above average.  We come from completely contradicting backgrounds but she is one of the few people in my life who don’t look at price tags when I am with her I get to explore the things I’ve lowered my standards from enjoying in fear of having the unpleasant debates about my lifestyle choices. She has allowed the inner dreamer and my love for finer things in life to come out.  I have actually prepared a fine collection that I expect to see at her house in Europe.

She speaks her dreams into existence and that is why I chose her.Our personalities are so so different but some how that works perfectly fine. Today we celebrate you Ms. Rittles you have fought the good fight of faith and you continue to do so. The God in you is what keeps me with you. I pray for protection and direction, I pray that you may never loose that sense of curiosity so that you can go on to make more memories. I pray the fire of the nomad in you shines through and keeps you warm while you bounce from shore to shore. I pray that you may never be reduced to average and evidently so this is already your life motto.


To Ms. Lilani Rittles the sweetest Southern Girl I bless the grounds you walk on. Thank you for choosing me as a friend and showing me love with your actions. Let’s go on and see the world. The God in us has magically placed us in Poland at the same time people call it coincidence but I call it a miraculous sign from the sealer of this friendship revealing what he is capable of doing if we let him take lead in our lives.  You are a survivor and I grateful for what happened in Argentina and your heart has been marked with an iron mark as the emblem.

To Ms. Lilani Rittles.



IMG_2708 (1)

Most importantly to 2900 more years to come. All the pictures were carefully selected to depict the kind of divalicious angel that you are. I know I am not with you to celebrate you but you reminded me about my God given gift and what better way than to honour you with the gift on your special day . You take out ” The Great ”  that is in me and that’s what I need from a true friend.


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