Gosh not another All-White outfit in 2016…When in China.


So I could have sworn I would never subscribe to that classic “All-white” outfit because every next event,baby shower and party I got invited to in 2016 was themed all-white.Long story short I moved somewhere far and started to live completely on my own so I chose the colour white for everything. My bedsheets, pillows, carpets even my teeth are all white, if you wanna be clean go for the colour white. Honey, you will know when to clean, basically every second day (big sigh). I would not recommend this outfit though around kids. I learnt that the hard way when a kid confused my jeans for a white board and made a stripe like a zebra with a permanent marker on them. Yep my Saturday became #MonochromeMonday real quick. Wanna know if the kid is still alive? Well China has surprisingly groomed me into a tolerant loving being. You know when something is so bad that you can’t even get pissed? Some people usually laugh such situations off including bad news. I was having such a great day that I smiled and said it’s okay. There was a moment of silence in the room “they” were all waiting for me to explode, the kid’s mom was so apologetic and could not understand why I was so chilled. I still can’t explain it but here is what I think.

When you are caught up in your “normal world” you focus so much on negative things but when you get re-united with your true self and you are so far away from your world “home” you begin to view life differently. Everyday is an experience and you tend to focus on the positive things a lot more. This brings me to my last point stop reading about the pros and cons about living in China or anywhere else that is different to what you are used to just DO IT (SLAYZA TSOTSI). Move there is never a journal or a video that can prepare you enough for that move and not having done any research before moving to Shanghai is somewhat making it more and more beautiful. There is always something in my day that makes me smile be it my quirky diverse colleagues , the random Chinese old people who speak to me in Chinese and we have informed discussions without understanding a word we are on about. May I add the random love and smiles I get especially in smaller towns,the adventure in getting lost and not knowing how to express myself and the joy it brings when my calculated guesses in a cab or in shops are received well.

I literally pat myself in the back and say yep “Chinese Level- Expert” that time I only guessed the cab driver was asking (what’s the cross street) or a child was saying chair in Chinese and not English. I’m a professor in my head why won’t you let me be great? Back to my point if you wanna move to Asia or China to be exact just move the only thing you might wanna read about is the Great Firewall and Express VPN which will unblock all the social media outlets you know and are addicted to. When you do move just go for ALL-white there is beauty in coming home to clean all-white sheets after a long day. Don’t wear this outfit around kids though especially if your “Amygdala Hijack” status is “Unstable” that could get you fired and deported (LIS). Smile and wave, learn some Chinese you simply get more love by showing effort and it affects your day too and you begin to appreciate your serenity walks and you take the stares positively.

Yours Faithfully,

Stylish Nomad

Photos by: http://lukaszprzeniewski.com


你好 (nǐ hǎo) Hello!


Her pistol go…


White t-shirt- Mr price (South Africa)


White Jeans- H&M.


I chose to look at the horizon instead of the ground because that which every woman is searching for on the floor in every picture is no longer there.



Yep, that is a shoe on my hand not a cellphone for once, the great Chinese Firewall will have you admiring what is around you more than the world that is inside your phone. When you are done taking that in; have the shoe instead. Yay you are good now!


Chocker- I totally forgot where that is from but I think it’s Down Town Johannesburg (Small Street).


Belt- I woke up one day and found that in my wardrobe, the perks of hosting friends. Dear friend if this is yours just know it’s mine now.


Bag- From a random boutique at Zhongshan Park Metro Station (Shanghai).


Shoes- Foschini (South Africa).


Why so serious? We all know you can’t read Chinese characters.


Watch- Tempo.


Let’s just call this one the wall of infectious laughter. 


Congratulations you genuinely laughed!


再见 (zài jiàn) Goodbye!


2 thoughts on “Gosh not another All-White outfit in 2016…When in China.

  1. Wooowww wooowww woooowwww m out of words!!!!
    U r such a beautiful, amazing, Chinese now…
    Thanx Shangai 4 taking out the genuine deep smile and laugh that just shows happiness and peace from within…
    Keep moving and NEVA look back!!!


    • Thanks my Mchanas waitse you mpompa me but its about time my mzala , not looking back. Im sending Chinese witches to cut off that fro during your sleep though, there will be no more Phapharing from you 🙂


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