To Ms. Lilani Rittles The Sweetest Southern Girl.


It’s not so often that heavens get to release one of their most precious angles down to Earth and when they do it is figuratively worth writing home about it. This is about the sweetest Southern Girl by the name Lilani Rittles. A quick backstory of how we met you if you found yourself  wondering. Well in 2016 I snapped and packed my bags and abandoned the soil, I wanted to collect memories that would make my twenties not like the regular twenties I was surrounded by.  The decision was not hard being the nomad I have always been I tossed the coin and it was strictly down to  Dubai and South Korean.


Little did I know in that sour “year of rejection” my toughest rejection was yet to come. All of my applications came with the classic “We regret to inform you bullshit….” which had become my  daily bread for the year 2016.  I remember sitting back and thinking God are you even out there that was like my 900th storm this year?.  I wiped my fake tears and decided to look elsewhere and China kept showing up as one of the places you should consider in order to experience life abroad while trying to get your money right. I had already lost my greatest dream of all time which involved  raising funding for masters degrees I was accepted into at a school I still get chest pains and teary eyed mentioning . Fast forward to the end of August I got the email that changed my life and re-arranged my naive dreams and set destiny deadlines that I had unhealthily begun to think I  had control over.

I packed my bags and the decision was not harder that choosing what food to order on The Bund . The only fear and prayer I made was “Dear God if this is not real I pray that you may take my life before they traffic me and turn me into a sex slave”. The toughest thing about being a nomad is having to prepare your mind for a sour alternative, no one ever wishes for such but your mind wonders off before bed time.  Just so suddenly I moved and had put the wave of 2016 behind me but little did I know adjusting and making friends would be the hardest task handed to me. The one mistake I made in my early twenties was walking around calling everyone my friend and assuming being “loved” by everyone was even a thing.  An encounter not worth writing about turn that fairytale around for me. I was picky and ready to stand alone which I did after hearing my name dragged down the mud in a new town full of people who had no idea how to even pronounce my last name but totally made a mis judgements about how I carried myself. This was Shanghai and it reminded me of an episode of Love and Hip Hop or one of these Hollywood Housewives Series.


That was definitely not what I had imagined it would be like to move to China , I was submerged in a pool filled with  vicious twenty something year olds who thought it was normal to tell me about their “friends’ ” flaws before I even got to meet them during our fake dinner parties. I knew I had to stand alone instantly. It was bold enough of me to  abandon my own home, I was making sure I was not collecting yet another bag filled with rotten potatoes like I had done before. I knew just one good potato was enough for me to make my favourite meal which is “french fries”.  I remember praying to meet a good kind soul and 3 months in, my Chinese friend was with an Angel and I had called him. He was my only true friend and I remember him saying “Talk to her she’s really nice”. I refused and said “No no no I’ll see her at work I was just calling to” …….And before I knew it she had snatched the phone out of his hand when she heard I was also South African. We had begun  speaking in code immediately  and her first question to me was “Is it me or the places here are dodge?” When I heard those words come out of her  I knew she would be my type I already had undying hate for my own apartment so I gave her a lecture on what not to settle on. Before we knew it I had taken up too much their time. We clicked instantly and exchanged We Chats and the rest has been history.


Here is why she is the sweetest Southern Girl she is so secure in her life that all that had to come out of her mouth is positive and uplifting. She makes me laugh out loud and she listens attentively when I speak and hears my outcries. She makes me feel like the funniest person alive. She is the first person I call for help and she picks up and she has been with me like no ever has in this nobody town. She is one of the few people I’ve met here who don’t have to lie about her background she is honest and oozes class and this I blame her mom and dad who raised her to be above average.  We come from completely contradicting backgrounds but she is one of the few people in my life who don’t look at price tags when I am with her I get to explore the things I’ve lowered my standards from enjoying in fear of having the unpleasant debates about my lifestyle choices. She has allowed the inner dreamer and my love for finer things in life to come out.  I have actually prepared a fine collection that I expect to see at her house in Europe.

She speaks her dreams into existence and that is why I chose her.Our personalities are so so different but some how that works perfectly fine. Today we celebrate you Ms. Rittles you have fought the good fight of faith and you continue to do so. The God in you is what keeps me with you. I pray for protection and direction, I pray that you may never loose that sense of curiosity so that you can go on to make more memories. I pray the fire of the nomad in you shines through and keeps you warm while you bounce from shore to shore. I pray that you may never be reduced to average and evidently so this is already your life motto.


To Ms. Lilani Rittles the sweetest Southern Girl I bless the grounds you walk on. Thank you for choosing me as a friend and showing me love with your actions. Let’s go on and see the world. The God in us has magically placed us in Poland at the same time people call it coincidence but I call it a miraculous sign from the sealer of this friendship revealing what he is capable of doing if we let him take lead in our lives.  You are a survivor and I grateful for what happened in Argentina and your heart has been marked with an iron mark as the emblem.

To Ms. Lilani Rittles.



IMG_2708 (1)

Most importantly to 2900 more years to come. All the pictures were carefully selected to depict the kind of divalicious angel that you are. I know I am not with you to celebrate you but you reminded me about my God given gift and what better way than to honour you with the gift on your special day . You take out ” The Great ”  that is in me and that’s what I need from a true friend.


Gosh not another All-White outfit in 2016…When in China.


So I could have sworn I would never subscribe to that classic “All-white” outfit because every next event,baby shower and party I got invited to in 2016 was themed all-white.Long story short I moved somewhere far and started to live completely on my own so I chose the colour white for everything. My bedsheets, pillows, carpets even my teeth are all white, if you wanna be clean go for the colour white. Honey, you will know when to clean, basically every second day (big sigh). I would not recommend this outfit though around kids. I learnt that the hard way when a kid confused my jeans for a white board and made a stripe like a zebra with a permanent marker on them. Yep my Saturday became #MonochromeMonday real quick. Wanna know if the kid is still alive? Well China has surprisingly groomed me into a tolerant loving being. You know when something is so bad that you can’t even get pissed? Some people usually laugh such situations off including bad news. I was having such a great day that I smiled and said it’s okay. There was a moment of silence in the room “they” were all waiting for me to explode, the kid’s mom was so apologetic and could not understand why I was so chilled. I still can’t explain it but here is what I think.

When you are caught up in your “normal world” you focus so much on negative things but when you get re-united with your true self and you are so far away from your world “home” you begin to view life differently. Everyday is an experience and you tend to focus on the positive things a lot more. This brings me to my last point stop reading about the pros and cons about living in China or anywhere else that is different to what you are used to just DO IT (SLAYZA TSOTSI). Move there is never a journal or a video that can prepare you enough for that move and not having done any research before moving to Shanghai is somewhat making it more and more beautiful. There is always something in my day that makes me smile be it my quirky diverse colleagues , the random Chinese old people who speak to me in Chinese and we have informed discussions without understanding a word we are on about. May I add the random love and smiles I get especially in smaller towns,the adventure in getting lost and not knowing how to express myself and the joy it brings when my calculated guesses in a cab or in shops are received well.

I literally pat myself in the back and say yep “Chinese Level- Expert” that time I only guessed the cab driver was asking (what’s the cross street) or a child was saying chair in Chinese and not English. I’m a professor in my head why won’t you let me be great? Back to my point if you wanna move to Asia or China to be exact just move the only thing you might wanna read about is the Great Firewall and Express VPN which will unblock all the social media outlets you know and are addicted to. When you do move just go for ALL-white there is beauty in coming home to clean all-white sheets after a long day. Don’t wear this outfit around kids though especially if your “Amygdala Hijack” status is “Unstable” that could get you fired and deported (LIS). Smile and wave, learn some Chinese you simply get more love by showing effort and it affects your day too and you begin to appreciate your serenity walks and you take the stares positively.

Yours Faithfully,

Stylish Nomad

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你好 (nǐ hǎo) Hello!


Her pistol go…


White t-shirt- Mr price (South Africa)


White Jeans- H&M.


I chose to look at the horizon instead of the ground because that which every woman is searching for on the floor in every picture is no longer there.



Yep, that is a shoe on my hand not a cellphone for once, the great Chinese Firewall will have you admiring what is around you more than the world that is inside your phone. When you are done taking that in; have the shoe instead. Yay you are good now!


Chocker- I totally forgot where that is from but I think it’s Down Town Johannesburg (Small Street).


Belt- I woke up one day and found that in my wardrobe, the perks of hosting friends. Dear friend if this is yours just know it’s mine now.


Bag- From a random boutique at Zhongshan Park Metro Station (Shanghai).


Shoes- Foschini (South Africa).


Why so serious? We all know you can’t read Chinese characters.


Watch- Tempo.


Let’s just call this one the wall of infectious laughter. 


Congratulations you genuinely laughed!


再见 (zài jiàn) Goodbye!

Styled for Less

So most fashionista’s I know always say they don’t have enough money to start blogging or share their style. Wait a minute you need to be rich to blog? nope I don’t think so. This entire outfit is from Down Town Jozi. It sound like a lie right?, well everything I am wearing sums up to a whooping  R 160 that is $11.98 (including the shoes, the dress and the necklace) excluding the underwear and the good quality hair of course. What are you waiting for? The time for YSL and LV will come honey but for now the show must go on. I am a student I can’t be walking around holding my Uni tuition fees and student accommodation fees in my hands yet.

The fighting couple's pose. The tension in this picture will cut you like a knife.

The fighting couple’s pose. The tension in this picture you can cut through it with a knife, smh.

Outfit Details : The entire outfit is from Down Town Jozi (Johannesburg CBD on Small Street).

Outfit Details : The entire outfit is from Down Town Jozi (Johannesburg CBD on Small Street).

Finally the wind blowing effect. Thank you nature.

Finally the wind blowing effect. Thank you nature.

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You can stand with us actually. Co models: Palesa Mokoena & Simphiwe Supremo Dladla

You can stand with us actually. Co models: Palesa Mokoena & Simphiwe Supremo Dladla


Leg day is everyday

Leg day is everyday

The classic photo bomb: they were too much fun I had to add them. Comment if you know them let them know...Lots of love <3

The classic photo bomb: they were too much fun I had to add them. Comment if you know them let them know…Lots of love ❤


That ” I been waiting on you at the DOE pose ” If you don’t get this joke please go to Youtube and type those exact words LOL 😀

African ImPRINTS

Here is an interesting story about what I wore on this day.

I took my dad’s shirt which he had purchased from a local fashion designer in Lagos Nigeria. He was wearing it the one day and I told him I would like to make a dress out of his shirt. He laughed at me at first then he later agreed when he realised I was dead serious .Well this was long before that signature blue and red African Print Shirt that everyone had broke the internet. This was even before they decided to give the print the name “Aztec”. Everything about this shirt gave me life. I have been told how you can tell how great a Nigerian designer is is by how well presented the embroidery on these signature shirts look and this is always perfectly placed around the neck all the way down to the chest. These shirts are made while you wait , all you have to do is bring the fabric of your choice and the designer goes wild .This piece was indeed well excecuted and people always ask me where I bought this “dress” from. I always have to explain  that this was once an extra large men’s shirt and thanks to my mom’s Fashion Design skills we managed to transform it to a dress.

Co Model : Alex Dress/ Shirt: By a fashion designer based in Lagos Nigeria Heels: Legit  Sneakers: Levi's Watch: Cotton On

Male Model : Alex
Dress/ Shirt: By a fashion designer based in Lagos Nigeria
Heels: Legit
Sneakers: Levi’s
Watch: Cotton On


DSC_0359(2) DSC_0349 DSC_0344






Second Graduation: Baccalaureus Scientiae Cum Honoribus

On the 10th of June 2015 I graduated for the second time around. I felt very proud of myself for making it that far. It was that constant voice that dwelt inside me which constantly reminded me “You can do it Lele, others did it before you” that made me go for it. Growing up all I could hear about in the news were these words from the government ” We need more and more black scientists in South Africa”. I took those words seriously and before I knew it I was already deep in the science field. Mind you I had never even done pure science in high school.  I did Life Sciences/ Biology and I happened to be a Maths boffin and also did well in Geography and that was good enough to grant me space in university for a science degree.

You see the one thing that the government never highlighted in its request for “Black Scientists” was how difficult it  would be to pass even the dumbest modules in science (no offence). I matriculated at the age of 16 so I took a long deserved gap year touring Central and South America and also learning some Spanish and Portuguese in the process. The main reason I took that gap year was because my dad thought I was too young to cope with varsity at 17. I remember the one degree I wanted to take was pure mathematics or applied mathematics. I loved it so so much and I could see myself coming up with my own formulas in the future. I never imagined myself in any other field besides that. The gap year was the best thing to ever happen to me. During that year I realised my interest in those National Geographics documentaries that were about the formation of the Earth and how the solar system functioned and what happens beneath the crust. I would watch so attentively intrigued by that sexy lady’s voice who explained this amazing stuff with so much passion.

I began to wonder what the study was called, I did some research and came up with Astronomy but, I had been reading about Astronomy in the 9th grade and I knew that the Earth processes were not a part of this magnificent study.  I did further research and realised my one true calling,  Geology!!! I contacted my dad who was continents away and told him I knew exactly what I was going to Study when I returned from my tour. Being as supportive as he is he started searching for the best institutions in SA that offer such. I remember choosing the University of Stellenbosch and I went through the entire application process. But my parents never sent my application documents through. I was so depressed and they explained to me that my basic knowledge of Afrikaans was not good enough to enable me to thrive fully at this institution. I was so determined about pushing boundaries and throwing myself to the very deep end, so I persisted.

I was convincing my parents that I already knew Afrikaans well enough that the Afrikaners could not even dare to gossip about me. I was in a boarding school from the 7th grade up until the 9th grade and the Afrikaans training I got was magnificent. I also tried to convince them by explaining that it only took me 3 months to understand Spanish and that I was already fluent in it where I was staying in Latino America. They were still skeptic about the idea. I really understood where they were coming from. They are still baring scars of the Apartheid and they would also hear on the news about racism and how some lectures were given in Afrikaans. They were of opinion that I would fail dismally or miss the exam scope that was given to the special kids in Afrikaans. To be honest with you , racism was the last thing on my mind. I knew very well that there were other black students at this university so I wouldn’t  be the first one.

We began to do research about the highest performing Geology institutions and UKZN and UJ was one of them. I wanted to go to UJ because I never wanted to live at home. This is because we had no domestic helper at home,  so I knew very well that at times I would have to cook before I study. I knew I would always hear the sound of the television while trying to study like I would during my matric year. I knew it was best to leave home and go far far away and learn to thrive on my own. I applied in both places I posted my forms all the way home in SA . The dumbest thing I did was to send them home, and not directly to these universities. Again my parents did not send the UJ application because Johannesburg was far away from Durban. I got accepted at UKZN. I remember I returned in February from my tour and I had 2 days to get ready for varsity.

I enrolled for Life and Earth Sciences and boy did the government not warn me of what was to come. The first year in UKZN is structured so everyone does the same thing. You could only get to some of your majors in the second year. I remember doing Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Mathematics, Statistics and Geography and boy did I burn! I was struggling so much that the only time I ever smiled was in Earth Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and in Geography but, even then my performance was so mediocre. The June exam came and I never even made it to the Physics exam. I made it into the chemistry exam and I got my first ever SUPP/Supplementary exam in chemistry. I hated science with all my heart at this time, I hated titrations and my reactions never even reached the end-point. Even when I would get the colour right my calculations would still be off. I would call home crying I was so terrified of failure. My greatest nightmare was really starting to happen.I was convinced I would be one of those people who go to university and fail for 8 years and drop-out and get pregnant and chase after rich men who did things right.

I knew very well I had failed that supp and it felt like the end of the world. For some miracle my class had done so badly in chemistry that they could not make us wait for the following year to repeat it . So in the 2nd semester we had the chance to repeat chemistry. This was the first time that such had been done. I remember feeling so hopeful and inspired. I began to find my feet, my failure was not even about partying or drinking alcohol; I was simply not coping with the pure science I was doing. But then again I could not imagine having to de-register and take the common degrees that people pass in their sleep. So I worked my butt off and I passed everything including chemistry (The Loch Ness “MONSTER” of Modern Era), Much respect to all the chemists out there!!!.

I had to transfer for my second year to another UKZN campus which happens to be right by my neighborhood. I then decided to apply at UJ instead and I got accepted. I was NEVER going to live at home and be dropped off daily at varsity by my dad. I needed my freedom and independence and in an African household you are a child until you die . I got credited for all the modules I had passed at UKZN, well everything besides physics. I never even needed the physics to start off with so I have no idea why I attempted doing it. I mean Albert Einstein whose true passion was Physics failed Geography and my true passion on the other end was Geography and Geology and I failed Physics. So do cut me some slack :). Maybe ground breaking research can conducted on the how the Physics brain capacity affects the Geography brain capacity and vice versa.

I then began my UJ journey and failing was no longer a part of my jargon. I was majoring in both Geology and Geography and life began to make sense again. Until my third year Geology showed me proper “Veld Fires” that I never even knew existed. I got a supp once again and even to this day I strongly believe that has got to be the toughest paper ever set on Earth. I would write and look around to see if others were writing or jammed as I was. I would even laugh alone because crying was not even an option. We were all doomed and it was obvious and somehow it felt good to know “we are in this together”. I mean I am human so knowing I was not alone gave me hope. Since my Geography was a year ahead of the Geology I had transferred to UJ for I had already been accepted for my honours in Geography. My supp results came out and I wanted to die when I saw the 39% from HELL.

That time my semester mark was 65%. It read so nice and bold that I “FAILED”. I needed a hole to bury myself and not even return to planet Earth,perhaps be resurrected in MARS or Jupiter. I just needed 1% Lord why why why?… How do I add another year for just 1% . And when you add the 65 and the 39 it makes a pass. I then consulted and pleaded for the 1 % and an Angel whose name cannot be mentioned saved my butt. His exact words were ” This is a borderline scenario, we are not allowed to give such marks I should have double checked because you have passed”. He continued to ask why I needed to pass so badly. I said : ” Sir I have been accepted into honours already and my life depends on it”. He smiled and said :”  You have passed”.  I celebrated and returned in 2014 for my honours degree. It was so tough and only 13 of us made it in out of a third year class of 99 if memory serves me right. This time around  I was a changed person, my reasoning was a lot more mature.

I had aimed for a cum laude but I only got 2 distinctions out of 5 including my minor dissertation . Well my overall average was the best I have ever performed and I missed my target by 5 %. But you know what it is all well with my soul. Here I am doing my masters and yes the target is a cum laude for that :). Moral of the story you have to fall to rise up again. Your destiny might be similar to mine so if you do fail one module , come back and kick it in the butt the second time around and become the Eistein of your field. Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself. African child rise above the struggle , don’t even put money as an excuse. Apply and the funding shall sort itself out. You only hear about the benefits once you are part of the university system but from outside the the R300 000 seems impossible. I owe my success to my parents who gave up their happiness and hobbies to make sure I got these degrees.

African parent support you kids, any degree is relevant. Don’t deny them the music and the arts for the sake of science and accounting for example. African child don’t waste your parents’ money, don’t let their investments go to waste. Rich African child don’t be lazy. The wealth is temporary if you are not innovative enough. Learn from the tricks of your parents and do it better than they ever did. You argue that they are in business but how about you get that MBA and manage the family business wisely. You also argue that entrepreneurs don’t have to study, Well did you know they wake up at 4 am to educate themselves and devise new ideas. They sleep later than you do doing online courses and even getting coached by wealth and life coaches coaches. If your only definition of education is about going to university then you have missed the plot. Education is everywhere go after it . Education  is important and the thinking capacity of any educated being is a lot more difference so rise above it all.

Kind Regards

Siphumelele Mkhize

Dress: Statement Necklace: Shoes : Clutch bag: Georgio Armani Perfums

Statement Necklace:
Shoes :
Clutch bag: Georgio Armani Perfums


Walk walk fashion lady.

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Joy, Peace and Happiness <3

Joy, Peace and Happiness ❤


Immo Twek that butt till I Cum Laude

I’mmo Twek that butt till I Cum Laude